About us

Umoozi Vacation Rentals Inc. is a leading vacation rental platform that allows you and your travel companions to book excellent accommodation while you travel. We allow hosts to list and market their properties, and guests to search, filter, select, and reserve any accommodation of their choice anywhere in the world. Our services are completely free to our guests, and the host pays a low commission for each successful reservation, which allows them to pass on the savings to you. Our platform is family owned; therefore, we can operate at lower costs by avoiding the hidden fees large corporations charge.

We are a family of world travelers who have visited most countries across the world and enjoy the thrills of seeing different places, enjoying the different foods and cultures in every place we visit. One of our greatest challenges we have faced travelling as a family with two children is finding suitable accommodation that is spacious and convenient for a family. We enjoy staying in hotels, but it has been very difficult finding hotel rooms that can accommodate a family of four people comfortably. One of our most challenging trips was when we decided to take a family vacation to Fort Lauderdale, Florida from our home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania during the summer. We went to an online hotel reservation platform and searched for hotels that could accommodate a family of four. Most larger hotel rooms were either too expensive, completely sold out, or were offering two full size beds in one room, which wouldn’t work because my teenage children would have to share a bed.

We decided to browse a leading short term vacation rental website which claimed to be cheaper than hotels. We were excited to find a reasonably priced suite with a small kitchen which would have been perfect for my family. I immediately tried to reserve it, but I was shocked by the very high hidden fees the leading platform was trying to charge us, such as a cleaning fee (which was higher than the cost of the room), a reservation fee, resort fees, costs and taxes, which completely blew our budget. This platform that was supposed to be cheaper than the hotels, proved to be much more expensive, so we decided not to make a reservation. We settled for a hotel. It was uncomfortable, to say the least, not having the conveniences I enjoy at home such as a microwave and a coffee maker. I also missed the privacy I have at home and had to go to the restroom just to change my clothes to get a little privacy. When we went to bed it was difficult seeing my son sleeping on the floor because he preferred not to share a bed, which is understandable for a teenager. We knew there had to be a better way to find great accommodation while traveling.

My wife and I decided to create a family friendly platform, that truly understands the needs of families and offers great stays at a lower cost without the hidden fees. We created Umoozi Vacation Rentals Inc. which offers you a website, www.umoozi.com, and a mobile app that can be downloaded on Android and IOS phones to make your travel experience greater. We are confident our users will enjoy the cost savings and convenience of using our platform, whether travelling for business or pleasure.